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About us

apo-rot international – a shop of Apotheke Zur Rose

We offer you a comprehensive assortment of original, over the counter remedies and medicinal products, homeopathic and herbal medicines and alternative medicine. Additionally, you will also find a comprehensive assortment of cosmetics and body care products here, from various manufacturers.

We make sure that the desired products are delivered to your home quickly and discretely.

At apo-rot international – a shop of Apotheke Zur Rose, the pharmacists and the entire pharmacy staff take the time to see to your health. Every incoming order is carefully examined before being shipped. The online pharmacy, under the direction of the head pharmacist, Ms Grimm, has a team of experienced staff that have many years of accumulated professional experience available and depth of knowledge in the area of pharmaceuticals. As an online pharmacy, of course we offer you customer-friendly prices and send prescription-free medicines on their way as quickly as possible. 

At apo-rot international – a shop of Apotheke Zur Rose, you can rely on obtaining exclusive, original goods from the respective manufacturers. As an approved, officially monitored mail-order pharmacy, Apotheke Zur Rose strictly adheres to the legally defined and inspected sales channels and therefore– exactly like every other approved pharmacy in Germany– makes its contribution to pharmaceutical drug safety.